There are over 70 types of deposits in Tajikistan including mineral deposits. In total, over 400 ore and non-ore deposits of industrial importance have been identified. Special attention in Tajikistan is paid to reduction of time and costs for investors when entering the market. In this regard the “single window’ mechanism has been introduced, providing for reduction of costs and simplification of procedures in state registration. The country has introduced the three-year moratorium on any kind of inspections for the newly established enterprises engaged in production. Income tax and VAT have been reduced. 4 free economic zones have been created. According to the Government decision, visas for the citizens of 68 countries of the world are issued under the simplified procedure. Investors are provided with more than 40 statutory guarantees, benefits and exemptions; this proves that Tajikistan today is one of the most attractive countries for making investments.

According to the World Bank report for 2011, Tajikistan has been among the top 10 reforming countries for two years consecutively. According to the ranking by “Doing Business 2011” the country improved by 10 positions in 2011, as compared to 2010, to rank 139th in the world.

Tajikistan has a good potential for the development and attraction of foreign investments. It has all the necessary conditions for that: rich mineral and raw material resources, favorable soil and climatic conditions, qualified workforce and renewable water power resources.

Today the major investments in the country’s economy are made by companies from Canada, USA, Great Britain, Korea, Germany, Switzerland,  Italy, Hungary and Russia, for instance,  Neson Gojd Corporation (gold and silver deposits development) and Gulf International minerals (gold deposits development).

An important factor for the encouragement of investment processes is signing trade agreements.  Official relations between the Central Asian countries were strengthened by entering into bilateral trade agreements. Kazakhstan signed such an agreement with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Kyrgyzstan signed a similar agreement with Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Tajikistan signed a bilateral agreement with Kazakhstan only.