Mining experience, Tajikistan

Mining experience, Tajikistan

Gold production in Tajikistan in the 1st half-year of 2013 has increased by 134.6 kg against the similar period of 2012.

Increase in production of this precious metal was achieved through the growth in gold extraction by such mining companies as “Zarafshon” (Tajik-Chinese joint venture) “Aprelevka” (Tajik-Canadian joint venture), “Odina”, “Takom Gold” etc.

Over $100 million will be additionally invested in “Zarafshon” company until 2015 to improve operational indicators. It is planned to increase gold production at this enterprise up to 4-5 tons in 2014-2015.

“Zarafshon” JV is the largest enterprise in Tajikistan by gold production volume. It was established in 1994 at the premises of the former Tajik Gold-Ore Factory.

The raw material base of the company includes Tarror, Julau, Hirskhona, Olympiyskoe and a number of small deposits around the Jilau field in Sogd oblast (north of Tajikistan).

During 2012 the “Tajik-Chinese Mining Company” LLC invested over 5 million somoni (over $1million) in the development of “Zarnisori Shimoli” lead-zinc deposit (Northern Altyn-Topkan).

The “Tajik-Chinese Mining Company” LLC was established in 2007. In December same year construction of “Zarnisor” ore-processing plant was started; its productive capacity today is 1 million tons of ore per year. $150 million have been invested in this plant up to date by the Chinese investors.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Industry “Zarnisor” produced over 23.4 thousand tons of  plumbum dust and over 37.3 thousand tons of zinc dust during last year.

It is expected that the 2nd production line will be commissioned in the nearest future which will result in the plant annual capacity increase up to 2 million tons.

The company is planning to obtain in 2013 the license for the production of polymetallic ores of the partial reserve of “Zarnisori Shimoli” deposit, make excavations and drill exploration wells at the depth of 5.3 thousand meters. It is not improbable that such elements as bismuth, gold, selenium, tellurium, thallium, indium, gallium and germanium can be found in the mine.

In January 2012 the Ministry of Energy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan officially stated issuance of a mining license to LLC Pakrut for  Pakrut Gold Project. The mining license is valid until November 2, 2030 and the volume of ore that can be produced is varied depending on the mining plan.  The mining plan submitted to the Ministry provides for the initial annual capacity of 660 thousand tons of ore with the increase up to 1,320 thousand tons by 2017.

The joint Tajik-American venture “Anzob” LLC was established in 2005 at he premises of Anzob Ore-Processing Plant specializing in the extraction and processing of complex mercury-antimony ores of the Jizhikurt deposit. The Tajik share in the authorized capital was 51% and American share – 49%. The American side attracted investments in the amount of $4million, mainly for the delivery of up-to-date equipment. In September 2006 – Comsup Commodities at 11 million somoni ($3 million).