Exploration services, Kazakhstan

“National Exploration Company “KazGeology” Joint-Stock Company


The activities of “KazGeology” JSC are focused on the following values:

  1. priority of the state interest in the area of mineral resources development: support and implementation of the state initiatives on the exploration of the priority types of minerals;
  2. technological efficiency and innovativeness: introduction of new technologies and innovations;
  3. result-orientedness: provision of high-quality services that comply as much as possible with the requirement of the state and subsoil users;
  4. use of potential opportunities: looking for synergy with other market players and continuous search for further development prospects;
  5. transparency and accountability: disclosure of the necessary information to the stakeholders in accordance with the established procedure, well-defined monitoring and accountability system;
  6. corporate social responsibility: operational safety, job creation, environmental protection and interaction with the society.

Mail types of the Company’s activities include:

  1. Exploration works including regional geological surveys, exploration works for all types of minerals including solid minerals, uranium, crude hydrocarbons, underground waters, prospecting and exploration works for all types of minerals prospecting and exploration works for underground waters.
  2. Scientific research, experimental and methodological works and research and development works in geology sector.
  3. Geophysical works.
  4. Well drilling for solid minerals and underground water.
  5. Drilling parametric and stratigraphic wells for crude hydrocarbons.
  6. Excavation.
  7. Designing geological exploration work packages.
  8. Laboratory and analytical studies.
  9. Geological and economic evaluation of mineral deposits, development of feasibility studies for the conditions of mineral deposits and reserves estimation.
  10. Creation of electronic geodata base upon the results of conducted geological exploration works.
  11. Other activities not contradictory to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For the purpose of coordinating activities of “KazGeology” JSC in the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 5 regional branches have been established:

  1. Regional branch of “KazGeology” JSC “VostokGeology”;
  2. Regional branch of “KazGeology” JSC “ZapadGeology”;
  3. Regional branch of “KazGeology” JSC “SeverGeology”;
  4. Regional branch of “KazGeology” JSC “YuzhGeology”;
  5. Regional branch of “KazGeology” JSC “CenterGeology”.

Contact information:

“National Geological Exploration Company “KazGeology” JSC
Legal address:
12/1, Kunayev str.,
010000, Astana,
Republic of Kazakhstan
Administrative Office: : +7(7172) 689–647
Fax: +7 (7172) 689–647
Press Service: +7(7172) 689–648
E-mail: press-center@kazgeology.kz

Information for the potential investors can be found on the Company’s official website www.qazgeology.kz.