Central Asian Geoportal

In 2011 a cooperation project focusing on improved geo-information funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland was started involving the Geological Survey of Finland and the main geo-scientific institutions in three Central Asian countries, i.e. the Committee of Geology and Resources Exploitation, Ministry of Industry and New Technology of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Head Department of Geology under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. The project includes several components one of which is the establishment of a Central Asian geo-portal in order to distribute geo-scientific information for setting the scene for increased investment in the mining sector and assisting the society in its efforts for geo-sector related climate risk management. The Central Asian countries have a considerable potential for natural resources but at the same time the region is vulnerable to natural hazards like earthquakes. The portal gives regional geo-information on a global level for a number of beneficiaries and developing of the portal is a continuous process.

Map of Central Asia
Central Asian Map